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Equestricon™ is a first and only of its kind premiere horse racing lifestyle event designed to celebrate the sport of racing with its fans. Equestricon™ is an international horse racing convention, fan festival, and trade show that will bring together fans, stakeholders, industry insiders and horseplayers to participate in a lively atmosphere of engagement, discussion, and entertainment.


As soon as you register for Equestricon™ 2017, you have punched your ticket to an unprecedented event in racing history. Never before has a racing convention in the United States brought together people from all corners of the industry, putting them face to face with the families, fans and bettors who enjoy the game all year-round.

Equestricon™ kicks off on Sunday, August 13, 2017 and concludes Tuesday, August 15, 2017 with panels and discussions focused on the latest innovations in the sport, new media, marketing, wagering technologies, and other key issues impacting current and future stakeholders in racing.

Additionally, Equestricon™ will provide for a one-of-a-kind networking experience for both those within the industry and people who are looking to get their foot in the door. The convention will feature meet-and-greets, breakout sessions, networking sessions, and various other opportunities for attendees to directly engage with professionals and personalities from across all sectors of the racing industry.

Attendees will get to see and meet owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys, representatives from farms, veterinarians, sales companies, racing journalists, social media personalities and innovators from across the country. The projected guest list at Equestricon™ will also include racing legends and several other high-profile distinguished guests, many of whom will be available during several autograph sessions.

All of this occurs in an atmosphere of fun and excitement with live music, bars, an arcade, and plenty of other activities for fans of all interest levels and ages.

Equestricon™ truly has something for everyone!

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